North Columbus Bruins Travel Baseball Program

The NC Bruins Baseball Program

Founded in 2001, North Columbus Bruins Baseball is an elite travel baseball program. The program offers kids a chance to play high level baseball around Ohio and regionally. The program provides kids with opportunities to vastly improve their baseball skills for the next level—whether that is their high school varsity team or playing in college. Outside of providing players with opportunities to improve their baseball skills, the program promotes teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, and the value of physical fitness all while teaching and promoting the core Christian values of community, family, and faith. The “BRUINS PRIDE,” which is taught and followed, is made up of the following: Respect, Hard Work, and Sportsmanship. Our philosophy for baseball teaching is, “Success by Simplicity.” Execution of the routine plays, pitchers throwing strikes, disciplined plate appearances, and communication among teammates which are the foundation of successful baseball! By teaching our players to execute these simple goals during every situation, practice and games, our success as a team is inevitable.

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