14U Roster

3Kyle Heiser14UPitcher, Catcher, OutfieldWest Jefferson High
5Colin Gregory14UPitcher, Infield, OutfieldNew Albany High
7Zach Lumpkin14UPitcher, Catcher, InfieldNew Albany High
8Cole Davis14UInfield, OutfieldGrove City High
9Jacob Crum14UPitcher, InfieldCaldwell High
10Cruz Harris14UOutfieldDublin
11Tre Rex14UPitcher, OutfieldBarnsville High
12Carson Cook14UInfield, OutfieldNew Albany High
15Wes Faulkner14UPitcher, InfieldCanal
17Christian Kreeger14UInfieldWest Jefferson High
21Cannon Clum14UPitcher, InfieldCambridge High
24Ryan Newlon14UPitcher, Catcher, InfieldUpper Arlington High
27Gavin Campbell14UPitcher, InfieldWest Jefferson High
42Isaac Perkins14UInfield, OutfieldGahanna Lincoln High

16U Roster

1Alex Blumenschein16UPitcher,
2Alex Von Bargen16UPitcher, Infield, OutfieldLicking
3Andrew Brown16UCatcher, OutfieldOlentangy
4Brandon Baird16UPitcher, InfieldWest Jefferson High
5Carter Wilson16UCatcher, MidfielderDublin
6Dylan Reeves16UPitcher, Infield, OutfieldOlentangy
7Ethan DeNaeyer16UPitcher, OutfieldUpper
8Ethan Griggs16UCatcher,
9Josh Fry16UDesignated HitterMount
10Josh Mason16UPitcher, Infield, OutfieldBig
11Kaleb Springer16UPitcher, OutfieldLicking
12McKinley Gyurko16UPitcher, InfieldDublin
13Tate Bennett16UPitcher, Infield, OutfieldSt.
14Vance Turesson16UPitcher, Infield,

18U Roster

3Gavin Robbins18UPitcher, CatcherGrove City Christian High
4Patrick Page18UPitcher, InfieldBishop Hartley High
5Kyron Rodgers18UPitcher, InfieldDublin
6Ben Brewster18UPitcher,
8Nash Densel18UPitcher, OutfieldDublin
9Devin Dillinger18UPitcherMarion Harding High
10Chad Ray18UPitcher, InfieldDublin Scioto High
13Alex Couch18UInfieldWesterville South High
14Tyler Jones18UPitcher, InfieldGahanna Lincoln High
19Connor Coyan18UPitcher, InfieldDublin
21Conor Cook18UInfield, OutfieldNew Albany High
29Ryan Tiell18UCatcher, UtilityMt. Vernon High
33Mark Langkamp18UPitcher, InfieldLicking Heights High
34Travis Mullins18UPitcherLIberty Union High
36Caden Lowe18UPitcherGrove Port Madison High
39Caleb Fry18UPitcher, OutfieldMt. Vernon High
47Preston Hayes18UPitcherAthens High
91Spencer Hill18UPitcher, OutfieldNew Albany High

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